When Aishwarya Rai spoke about Indian culture, helped Oprah drape a sari (Video)

First published on January 30, 2022 at 10:42 a.m. IST

On Oprah Winfrey’s birthday, many celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Ellen DeGeneres and many more with the star. We go back to when Aishwarya Rai first met Oprah Winfrey

On January 29, famous Hollywood star Oprah Winfrey celebrated her 68th birthday and she received well wishes from all over the world. Her relatives and many Hollywood celebrities have sent their wishes to Oprah Winfrey via social networks.

Actress Reese Witherspoon shared beautiful photos with Winfrey and wrote, “Happy birthday to the most inspirational mentor and friend I could ask for! Thank you for all the good work you do every day in this world!”

Ellen DeGeneres also took to her Twitter and wrote, “Happy birthday my friend, @Oprah. You put the O in Amazing.” Actress and singer Jennifer Hudson wrote with the photo, “Happy Birthday Mama O!”

Many years ago, Aishwarya Rai went to The Oprah Winfrey show, where she taught Oprah how to drape a saree and many other things they discussed. It was Aishwarya’s first time meeting Oprah. Aishwarya also called out all the misconceptions about her native traditions during the chat. (Watch the video here)

Talking about romance and kissing scenes in Indian movies, Oprah Winfrey asked Aishwarya if kissing is a taboo in India. To which, Aishwarya explained that kissing is not a familiar sight in India. She added that people kissing is not a common sight on a street corner as it is more of a private expression of emotion for Indian people.

Aishwarya and Oprah also opened up about living with their parents at 30. Oprah explained how American parents deport their children at the age of 30 and how living with her family has been discussed in the West.

To which, Aishwarya said, “In India it’s more about family, living together and staying connected, and that’s probably the most beautiful and special thing.” The Taal actress also opened up to Oprah about the idea of ​​an arranged marriage in India. She called it a dating service where parents of two people are involved in researching each other’s backgrounds and arranging a meeting. Read also : Didn’t Priyanka Chopra feel unsafe in her early 20s? Here’s what the actress said on ‘Super Soul’

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