Wells Fargo Report Reveals Indian Country’s ‘Unique Seven-Generation Opportunity’

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Wells Fargo collaborated with Boston Consulting Group to create our new report Unique Opportunity for One in Seven Generations in Indian Country: Building Sustainable Economic Resilience which analyzes the long-standing economic and social inequalities faced by Native American communities, their underlying resilience, and what can be done to ensure future economic resilience through diversification, capacity building, capital mobilization and forming strategic partnerships.


While Covid-19 has exposed some of the harsher realities of Indian Country’s disparate treatment, it also surfaced a rare, once in seven generations opportunity to reimagine how Indian Country can position itself – not just for the immediate future, but for decades and centuries to come. A recent Wells Fargo analysis found, for example, that the economies of many nations and tribal communities are heavily concentrated in industries vulnerable to the impacts of an economic downturn, and in particular, gaming and tourism.

The The unique opportunity of one in seven generations in an Indian country The report offers a framework designed to empower leaders and policy makers to act on recommendations tailored to the resilience potential, feasibility of implementation, and cultural fit of a given Indian country.


Learn more and download The unique opportunity of one in seven generations in an Indian country report to https://www.wellsfargo.com/com/focus/tribal-economic-report/

Video commentary by Dawson Her Many Horses, head of Wells Fargo Native American Finance available here: https://newsroom.wf.com/English/press-room/default.aspx#module-videos

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