Vice President urges values-based education with emphasis on Indian culture

Andhra Pradesh: On Tuesday, Vice President Mr. Venkaiah Naidu called on children to receive a values-based education that emphasizes Indian culture and heritage.

Education, according to Naidu, is for empowerment, enlightenment and employment, not just for obtaining degrees and certificates. Naidu opposed the commercialization of education, saying that in the past, education and medicine were seen as missions.

“Education must generate socially conscious and responsible citizens who will work selflessly for the greater good of society and the country.” No one will remember you if you love yourself, but if you live for others you will become immortal and you will live long in people’s memory,” he continued.

Naidu was in Guntur for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of Sri Patibandla Seetharamaiah High School. The Vice President, addressing students, teachers and parents, stressed the importance of a comprehensive education, emphasizing the value of physical fitness and activities such as gardening.

He stressed the importance of prioritizing education in the mother tongue, as well as the importance of speaking your mother tongue fluently while learning other languages.

Concerned about the deterioration of societal values, Naidu urged people to vote for and support public servants who have the “4 Cs” of character, ability, good conduct and caliber. He also underlined the importance for the representatives of the people to have discipline and a commitment to the welfare of the people.

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