Twitter tests its first Indian ‘community’ dedicated to cricket fans


Twitter announced new features and updates for cricket fans in India. The microblogging platform has launched a live scoreboard for cricket matches and is testing the country’s very first Twitter community, Cricket Twitter – India.

The platform has seen a significant increase in conversations around cricket on the platform over the past year. Between July 1, 2020 and July 1, 2021, there were over 75 million cricket conversations on Twitter in India.

The updates were announced to improve the immersive experience for fans on the platform.

To make the #CricketTwitter experience even better, Twitter is also testing its first community outside of the US, dedicated to Indian cricket fans called Cricket Twitter – India, to talk about all things cricket related in multiple Indian languages. “Twitter said in an official statement. .

Communities began testing in the United States in September this year as a way for people to find and connect with others who wanted to talk about the same things they did. They are currently only accessible by invitation.

Communities are started and managed by moderators. Users who accept invitations to join a community become members and will be able to invite others in turn.

“When you join a community, you can Tweet directly to that audience rather than all of your followers. Although community Tweets are publicly accessible, only members of the same community can reply and join the conversation, it remains. so intimate and relevant, ”Twitter explained.

Any user can read, tweet, and report community Tweets similar to public Tweets. Currently, communities are invite-only accessible on iOS, web, and Android mobile browsers, with access on the Android app and other features to come. Anyone in the world can be invited to join a community via direct messages.

Community users will need to follow Twitter rules, while moderators will need to meet Twitter eligibility criteria.

“As we open up community creation and moderation to more people, we will continue to refine the eligibility requirements. As we are initially testing, community moderators are approved by Twitter,” he said. he declares.

It also introduces a new live dashboard feature for Twitter users. During a match, users will be able to view the scorecard on the Explore tab and the Live Events page.

“Fans will be able to follow the scores of the match in real time while browsing the Tweets,” he said.

The dashboard will be available to everyone in India on iOS as well as the web and will be rolled out for most users on Android.

“In the coming weeks, we’ll find other ways to make it easier for users to find relevant match content and engage in conversations,” Twitter said.


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