Tribal homelands bill back on the agenda in “new era” of relations with Indian countries

“My Land, My Future”: Indigenous youth participate in a tribal homelands rally at the United States Capitol on November 14, 2018. Photo by Indianz.Com (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

WASHINGTON, DC – Lawmakers are set to approve another round of Indian country bills, including a long-awaited but controversial measure that will help tribes restore their homeland.

Four bills of interest will be considered in the US House of Representatives starting Wednesday, according to the majority leader’s schedule. Everything will be dealt with under a rule suspension, a process typically used for legislation that is expected to pass the chamber with bipartisan support.

But the last time the Tribal Homes Bill was put to a vote more than two years ago, the situation was hardly cheerful. That’s because former President Donald Trump – using language widely condemned as racist – encouraged his fellow Republicans to vote against the measure, as well as another who benefited a tribe whose efforts have been championed by the target of his misogynist attack.

Tribal homelands bill back on agenda in ‘new era’ of Indian Country relations

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