The Indian community celebrates its 75th anniversary

The event attended by members of the Indian community in Ghana, Indian companies and supporters was marked by a dance performance titled “The United India”, by Dance Era Bollywood Group, an Indian dance company.

As part of the program, local Indians who had contributed to their country were honored.

Students who emerged as winners of an essay contest organized by the Indian High Commission on the theme “India Past, Present and Future” were also honoured.

Indian High Commissioner in Accra, Mr. Sugandh Rajaram in a speech read on behalf of the President of India, SMT. Draupadi Murmu, known as 75e India’s birthday was cause for celebration not only for Indians, but also for democracy advocates around the world.

He said that when India gained independence, many international leaders and pundits were skeptical about the success of a democratic form of government in the country, but India had let those skeptics into error.

“India, after so many years of exploitation at the hands of foreign rulers, was marked by poverty and illiteracy. But we Indians have proven the skeptics wrong. Democracy has not only taken root in the ground, it has also been enriched,” said the Indian President.

President Murmu said India’s struggle for freedom was being waged bravely across the country’s vast territory.

“Many great freedom fighters have done their duty and passed on the torch of awakening leaving few traces of their heroic deeds,” he said and praised them for their sacrifice for the country.

President Murmu said that India had worked over the past 75 years to build a strong economy and growth was becoming more inclusive and regional disparities were also narrowing.

“Economic success also leads to ease of living. Economic reforms are rightly accompanied by innovative social initiatives. Having your own home is no longer a dream for the poor, but a reality for more and more people,” he said.

President Murmu said that India was able to contain the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to the strong economic and health system the country had in place.

“Our response to the pandemic has been appreciated everywhere. We have launched the largest vaccination campaign in human history with vaccines manufactured in the country itself. In the fight against the pandemic, our achievements have been better than those of many developed countries,” he said.

President Murmu paid a glowing tribute to the freedom fighters whose efforts led to India’s independence.

“For the dynamism of visible growth in our country, we must also pay tribute to the workers and farmers whose business acumen has created wealth. What is most encouraging is the growth that is becoming more inclusive,” he said, adding that “India’s newfound confidence stems from the spirit of its youth, its farmers and, above all, , of his wives.

President Murmu appealed to the people of India both at home and abroad to continue working hard to accelerate the country’s development.

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