Tata cars and SUVs will receive Indian language voice assistant developed by Mihup

Published on May 25, 2021 12:05:00 PM

Mihup Communication worked with Harman to provide Tata cars and SUVs with a new vernacular voice assistant.

Aunty cars and SUVs in India will soon receive an Indian vernacular voice assistant that was co-developed by Mihup Communication – a Kolkata-based start-up – and Harman International. The partnership aims to improve the user experience in Tata cars and SUVs, and to bridge the gap between native users and access to innovation.

  • Tata voice assistance now supports “Hinglish” inputs
  • Support for “Tamil” and “English” languages ​​will be added soon
  • Currently available on some versions of the Altroz ​​and Nexon

Mihup’s changes to Tata voice assistance

As reported by our sister publication, Automotive professionalMihup says that while Tata Motors cars and SUVs were equipped with an on-board voice assistant, there was a limited dictionary and support for vernacular languages ​​or Indian dialect was absent. The automaker wanted an on-board solution to make the hands-free experience for drivers accessible to as many people as possible, and to dissociate the identity of voice assistance from a luxury offer.

The start-up says its solution, dubbed ‘AVA Auto’, addresses all of the improvement opportunities specific to the automaker’s former voice assistant. It offers online, offline and hybrid connectivity options, among other features. The solution supports the Hinglish language (Hindi + English). The system responds according to the user’s voice command without the need for a manual switch. The company aims to introduce AVA support for Tamil and English in the near future, with a plan to cover all major Indian languages ​​by 2022.

According to the company, the adoption of voice on vehicular platforms is steadily increasing and it is estimated that 8 billion voice assistants will be in use by 2023. About 95% of customers are expected to use in-vehicle voice assistants. ‘by 2022. There is a 60% higher monthly use of in-vehicle voice assistants compared to smart speakers, but existing solutions do not meet the need for ease of use by end customers.

Tata voice assistant: what it offers now

After evaluating several use cases and languages, the product will soon be available on Tata cars and SUVs. The offline model (Voice AI on the edge) has been deployed on variants of the Tata Altroz high-end sedan and Aunty nexon Compact SUV. AVA allows the driver to achieve fully hands-free voice control for important functions and control of the car – AC, volume, AM / FM and music system, among others. It supports natural language to make phone calls and play music from USB port, support navigation controls and also vehicle information.

Upcoming Tata Motors SUV launches in 2021

After launching the three-row Tata Safari earlier this year, Tata Motors will introduce its first micro-SUV later this year. This new model is currently known by its internal code name HBX and will be located under the Nexon in the brand’s SUV range.

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