‘Star Wars’ in Navajo shines brightly

Manuelito Wheeler, Diné, is the director of the Navajo Nation Museum. Along with a team, Wheeler helped bring “Star Wars: A New Hope” to Navajo-language movie screens. On this May 4, Wheeler tells how this project unfolded.

Dawn LeBeau, Cheyenne River Lakota, photographed a herd of sick bison for a feature in The New York Times. This bison herd is owned by Cheyenne River rancher Fred DuBray. We hear the stories behind the photos.

New Mexico faces an early wildfire season. There is a forest fire near tribal lands called the Cerro Pelado fire. Margaret Wright, freelance journalist, covered the fire and gives us the latest updates.

  • Indigenous advocates are making their voices heard in the national abortion debate.
  • Cree country star Shane Yellowbird has died aged 42.
  • Emmilee Risling has been missing since October 2021 in California. Reports by Vincent Moniz of ICT.

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