Senai Indian community reiterates calls for a Tamil school in the area


The Indian community in Senai, Johor, hopes its request for a new Tamil school in the area will attract the attention of the government, Makkal Osai has reported.

Several Indian non-governmental organizations and others have noted that this has been a major demand from the community for many years.

Senai has become one of the fastest growing districts in Johor and has over 6,000 eligible Indian voters.

There was a Tamil school in Senai in 1960, when the district was home to large plantations, but the plantation-run school eventually closed.

However, with the growing Indian population in the state and in the district, it was imperative to have a Tamil school, they said.

They also noted that SJK(T) Ladang Bukit Serampang in Tangkak, which faced a bleak future with just two students, has now grown to 700 students after moving to Taman Bukit Indah.

> The daily also reported that the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, India, has ordered officials from the Greater Chennai Corporation to organize special administrative courses for its newly elected mayor.

The company, which was founded in 1688 under British rule, now administers the city of Chennai, home to 7.1 million people and the economic and administrative engine of the southern Indian state. .

Priya Rajan, a candidate for the ruling DMK party, made history as the first Dalit woman to hold the post after winning a council seat in local elections earlier this year and has come under fire for her handling of the post .

● The above article is compiled from vernacular newspapers (Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Tamil dailies). Thus, the stories are grouped according to the respective language/media. When a paragraph begins with this sign ‘>’, it designates a distinct short story.

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