SBS language | Australia Day Ambassadors Urge Indian Community to Celebrate Achievements and Embrace Unity

Amar Sing

Amar Singh, the founder of Turbans 4 Australia, came to Australia 23 years ago and has been actively involved in charity work. His charity was established in 2015 and has helped through disasters such as bushfires, cyclones and now a global pandemic.

“January 26 is an important day for Australians and Indians. It is a day to talk about inclusivity and to celebrate the achievements of our community. We need to think about how our own personal journeys of achievement can be replicated on a larger scale.” Mr Singh told SBS Hindi.

Amar Singh, founding president of Turbans 4 Australia.

Provided by Mr. Amar Singh

Strong points:

  • Over 300 Australia Day Ambassadors volunteer their time to support the January 26th celebration in local communities.
  • “26th January is a day of double celebration for the Indo-Australian community as it is also Republic Day in India“: Australia Day Ambassadors
  • Australia Day Ambassadors include community members, sportspeople, scientists, business people, arts workers and former Australian of the Year winners.

Khushaal Vyas


Khushaal Vyas, recipient of the NSW Premier’s Multicultural Youth Medal.

Provided by Mr Khushaal Vyas

Khushaal Vyas is a young lawyer from Western Sydney with a passion for social justice, diversity and inclusion. Hailing from a Gujarati family, Mr Vyas was the youngest member of his local council’s youth advisory committee and remained an active member until 2013. He has been appointed Australia Day Ambassador five years in a row since 2018.

“Australia’s diverse cultural heritage is the defining characteristic of this country. Australia Day is a day to encourage and celebrate unity, but we must also look to the future to see what we can do better here. “, Mr. Vyas said.

Akash Arora


Akash Arora, digital editor and reporter at SBS News.

Provided by Mr. Akash Arora

Akash Arora works with SBS News as a digital editor and reporter. He arrived in Australia in 2003 as an international student at the University of Technology Sydney, where he earned his Masters of Arts in Journalism. He became an Australian citizen in 2013.

Mr Arora said: “It is a day of double celebration for the Indian community because January 26 also marks Republic Day in India and that is so rare between two countries. We as a community have much to offer, from our rich and beautiful culture to the food.”

Anupam Sharma


Anupam Sharma, an Indian-Australian filmmaker based in Sydney.

Provided by Temple Pty Ltd

Anupam Sharma, an Indian-Australian filmmaker, is the founding director of Films & Casting TEMPLE, an award-winning international production and consultancy company based in Sydney. He has been appointed Australia Day Ambassador for ten years in a row since 2012.

“We need to reflect, respect and celebrate. Reflect on the opportunities and values ​​we moved to Australia for and reflect on the societal ills that are best left behind in our homeland. Respect the Australian way of life, freedom and the original Celebrate our culture of which we have freedom and use our culture to further enrich Australia and the Australian way of life, which so many other migrants and cultures have done,” Mr Sharma said.

Sonia Sadiq Gandhi


Sonia Sadiq Gandhi, Founder and CEO of Marketing and Events Company, Gandhi Creations Pty Ltd.

Provided by Sonia Sadiq Gandhi

Sonia Sadiq Gandhi is the Founder and CEO of Gandhi Creations Pty Ltd, a multi-award winning marketing and events company. She has been named an Australia Day Ambassador for five years in a row since 2018.

“It is a privilege to be in the land of the first Australian people to welcome back the next generation of Australians, as an Australia Day 2022 Ambassador. It is very humbling as a Australian Indian proud to share India’s diversity from culture to commerce through my Australia Speech of the Day and expand my global initiatives through Gandhi Creations on Intercultural Connectivity,” she said.

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