Port launch in Valorant celebrated Indian culture

Riot Games’ first Indian Valorant agent, Harbor, was released on October 18 for the entire playerbase to enjoy. As India’s first hero-based first-person shooter character, Riot Games wanted to launch it inspired by the best of Indian cinema and music and authentically represent the multi-faceted and colorful country. . The company held a launch event in Mumbai, India for the release of Harbor. Fans were entertained by a number of Indian esports personalities, influencers and celebrities during the event. Besides the physical community event, Riot Games has rolled out a number of digital activities for players to enjoy.

Fanfare and pomp in Mumbai for Harbor release

Harbor’s launch party saw the participation of famous Indian celebrities including Tanmay Bhat and Abhish Mathew. They were joined by Ocean Sharma and a number of well-known Indian influencers including Ujjwal Chaurasia (Tech Gamers), Naman Mathur (Deadly), Tanmay Singh (Scout) and Shagufta Iqbal (xya). Valiant pro players including Ganesh »SkRossi“Gangadhar, Rishab”Rakazone“Karanwal, Rohan”HydraFlick » Ledwani and Sabyasachi”AntidoteBose was also among those in attendance. The event concluded with a performance by ARB4, Mangal Suvarnan and Tienas, the music team that produced Harbor’s theme song, RAJA.

Speaking of the iconic Harbor launch, Riot Games India and South Asia Marketing Manager Ashish Gupta said, “We have been overwhelmed with the love and passion Harbor has received so far! This is just the beginning. Our Indian fans and gamers can expect more hyperlocal experiences in the future. We hope gamers enjoy the slate of unique digital content we have planned for the next few weeks that will share the warmth and beauty of Indian entertainment and culture with the world.

Digital activities for gamers

To welcome Harbor into the fold, Riot Games has also rolled out a number of digital activities for players to enjoy, including:

● A Supercut community event where fans can relive the excitement, thrills and best moments of the Harbor community event in Mumbai.

● Diwali greeting video

● Riot Games will release a behind-the-scenes video of Ankit soon”V3name“Panth’s Harbor cosplay.

● Port artwork has also been posted by Riot Games on its social media.

● To celebrate the passion of Valorant fans, Riot will release a global fanbeat video later this year featuring Harbor’s top fan art submissions and the

The registration period is now open. Fans can click for details on how to enter.

● Behind the scenes video with Sunil Malhotra, the voice behind Harbor.

● Harbor also watched the crowd from a large billboard in one of Dubai’s busiest areas (Jumeirah Beach Residence). An enlarged 3D rendition of the agent showed off his aquatic abilities as he dropped a waterfall and shot a water sphere across the street towards a second billboard

● Riot Games also released a video of a talented artist capturing an incredible moment from the cinematic Harbor trailer in a hand-painted poster reminiscent of traditional Bollywood posters decorating the streets of India.

Right from the chai and samosa chaat of the teaser to the iconic bike featured in the official trailer, Riot Games has captured the attention and hearts of the Indian playerbase.

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