Patel remembers Savarkar and emphasizes preservation of ancient Indian culture, Hindu dharma and democracy

Speaking on the eve of the 75th year of independence in Godhra on Saturday, Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel stressed that Indians must keep alive “the ancient Indian culture, our Hindu dharma and our Indian democracy” , while evoking the ideologue of the Hindutva Vinayak Savarkar.

“Many have been martyred in our struggle for freedom. Many have accepted death by hanging. Veer Savarkar suffered the Kaala Paani punishment. They wrote history. We are independent and free citizens today, but we must not forget our martyrs and must not let our future generations forget them. We know that countries that forget their history or their ancient culture, that country or that civilization is ruined. Our great ancient culture, our Hindu dharma, our Indian democracy must be kept alive. “

Meanwhile, warning citizens not to let their guard down when it comes to Covid-19, Patel praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “leadership”.

“For a year and a half, there has been no discussion outside of Covid-19… the print, electronic, all media and everyone was talking about the coronavirus and when we will be released from it. Fortunately, under the far-sighted leadership of Narendra Modi and his decisions, whether it be lockdown or unlock, resulting in the repatriation of migrant workers, giving free vaccines to millions of the country’s citizens, giving five kilograms of rations for free – all were done by the central government under the leadership of Modi Saheb and the government of Gujarat under the leadership of Vijay Rupani.

“On August 7, it had been five years since Vijaybhai as CM and I as Deputy CM took the oath and with the cooperation of the janta of Gujarat, the lakhs of BJP karyakartas and others, we completed the term with success. The cyclone has arrived, the Covid-19 has arrived, many questions have been asked, with the cooperation of our fellow citizens, doctors and paramedics, our “coronavirus warriors”, police forces, frontline workers, we have now managed to report the fewest daily cases across the country… “

“… We have started to set up oxygen factories all over the state now … Our health department is trying to make sure that Godhra medical college starts as soon as possible … I want to clarify that the cases of Covid-19 have decreased but they have not disappeared. We must not be fearless and adhere to standards… ”

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