On World Oceans Day, the Cher-Ae Heights Indian community leads an oil spill response exercise to ensure safe and clean ocean waters

Trinidad Rancheria press release:

Ron Sundberg, Environmental Director of Trinidad Rancheria [yesterday] announced that the tribe will host and manage an oil spill response exercise on World Oceans Day, June 8e at 9 a.m. at the port of Trinidad. Trinidad Harbor is a sensitive environment designated as an Area of ​​Special Biological Significance (ASBS) and is part of the California Coastal National Monument.

“Protecting natural resources – especially our water resources – has always been a priority for our tribe and a way of life for all indigenous communities,” Director Sundberg said. “Our oil spill response trailer, granted to the tribe by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, is a tremendous resource for our region and we look forward to further developing our skills so that our Port of Trinidad Rancheria can deploy effectively and efficiently in the unfortunate event of an oil spill.

Through tomorrow’s training, port personnel will improve their skills in deploying oil spill containment equipment, how to maximize the use of resources in the response trailer, and then practice on the water. skills and use of equipment. California experts and instructors

The Department of Fish and Wildlife, United States Coast Guard and other environmental scientists will be on site Wednesday, June 8e to the Port of Trinidad to conduct on-water training and exercises.

“Our coastal waters are very important to our way of life, our culture and our traditions,” said Robert Hemsted, Vice Chairman of the Tribal Council. “This training will provide port personnel with the tools to contain oil spills in the ASBS and protect this sensitive and valuable coastal environment.”

Training will begin at 9:00 a.m. with a general overview of the equipment in the trailer (what each piece of equipment is and how it is used in the event of an oil spill). Next, the Trinidad Rancheria team and coaches will go out on the water in Trinidad Harbor to practice drills.

The Trinidad Rancheria, a partner in the California Coastal National Monument, which protects the state’s most pristine and spectacular coastline, also owns and operates facilities at the Port of Trinidad, which supports a commercial fishing fleet and recreational.

The Dear-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinity Rancheria is a Federal Recognized Tribe located near the city of Trinidad, California, organized in 1961 under the statutes. In June 2008, the tribe approved a Constitution which replaces the Statutes and its amendments. The Trinity Rancheria is governed by the Community Council, from which a Tribal Council is elected—a president, a Vice-president, a secretary-treasurer and of them Individual Members.


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