‘Notable’ Legislation in New Mexico

New Mexico lawmakers concluded their 30-day legislative session by passing three key bills affecting Indigenous communities. Policy expert and former Cochiti Pueblo Governor Regis Pecos breaks down their meaning and shares when this legislation will be signed into law by the Governor of New Mexico.

From Mexico to Aotearoa, there are indigenous peoples all over the world. That is why Indian country today has launched a new column called “Global Indigenous”. It is written by Deusdedit Ruhangariyo, ICT freelancer, and edited by Dianna Hunt, senior ICT writer. We learn the big titles of this week.

There are currently four Native Republicans running for the U.S. Congress, three of whom are running for re-election to their current seats. Regular ICT contributor John Tahsuda III is back to break down the candidates’ campaign platforms and predict how they will fare in their election.

A Slice of Our Indigenous World

  • During a trip to Phoenix on Tuesday, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland announced that her agency would allocate $1.7 billion to Indian water rights regulations that have been enacted.
  • Last week, Keeseekoose First Nation reported that 54 potentially unmarked graves had been discovered at the sites of two former residential schools.

  • It was a busy weekend as Indigenous students, family and alumni gathered at the University of South Dakota. Reporting by Shirley Sneve of ICT.

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