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New Delhi,UPDATED: Oct 30, 2022 12:36 IST

By India Today Web Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted the nation on the occasion of Chhath Puja on Sunday. During his monthly radio program ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Prime Minister Modi said, “Today, ‘Chhath’, the great festival of sun worship is celebrated in many parts of the country. I pray that Chhath Maiya blesses everyone with prosperity and well-being.”

“We see such great images of Chhath puja being celebrated in foreign countries which means that Indian culture and its faith is taking hold in every corner of the world,” Prime Minister Modi said.

“My friends, the tradition of worshiping the Sun is a proof of the depth of our culture, of our faith, is connected with nature. Through this puja, the importance of sunlight in our life has been illustrated “, he added.

He added: “Another peculiarity of Chhath Puja is that the items used for worship are prepared by myriad people of the society together. In this, bamboo basket or supli is used. Earthen lamps have their own meaning.”


Talking about solar energy, Prime Minister Modi said, “In the field of solar energy, India has become one of the leading countries in the world. How solar energy transforms the lives of the poor and middle classes is a matter of study.

“In Modhera village in Gujarat, almost all the houses use solar energy to meet their electricity needs. People there not only use electricity through solar energy but also earn income from it. “, did he declare.

Prime Minister Modi further said that India is doing wonders in the solar sector as well as the space sector.

“India is also doing wonders in the space sector. The whole world today is amazed to see the achievements of India. After opening the space sector to Indian youth, revolutionary changes started to take place get in there,” he said.

He said Indian industries and start-ups are bringing new innovations and technologies in this field.

Prime Minister Modi said, “Student power is the foundation to make India mighty. It is the youth of today who will take India to new heights in years to come.”


Prime Minister Modi said that in the coming days many states will also celebrate their state day.

“In the next few days, many states will also be celebrating their statehood day. Andhra Pradesh will be celebrating its founding day, Kerala Piravi will be celebrating. Karnataka Rajyotsava will be celebrating. I convey my best wishes to the people of all these states,” he said. said.


“Environmental awareness is a way of life for us. People have become more aware of green living and products in recent times,” Prime Minister Modi said.


Prime Minister Modi also explained how Birsa Munda sacrificed his life for India’s independence.

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