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New Delhi, June 9

Social media platform Snapchat has combined learning with fun with “learn the language” lenses created by Nepal-based lens designer Atit Kharel.

The lenses help Snapchatters understand the basics of six Indian languages: Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu, and Kannada.

They combine augmented reality and machine learning to recognize more than 1,000 objects and translate their names into the language you learn, in real time, Snapchat said in a statement.

The new feature was launched to bolster the company’s localization efforts in India to create local and culturally relevant experiences, he said.

A member of the Snap Lens Network, Atit Kharel is a digital designer who created “learn the language” lenses out of his own passion for multilingual Indian culture.

He comments: “I have always been fascinated by the cultural diversity of India and the range of languages ​​spoken here.

The idea behind these lenses was to make learning Indian languages ​​fun and easy, especially for new learners. Augmented reality can be really entertaining and can make learning more interactive and accessible. “

The lenses are available on Snapchat by searching for “Learn Bengali”, “Learn Telugu”, “Learn Kannada”, “Learn Hindi”, “Learn Marathi”, “Learn Punjabi” or by scanning the Snapcode or by searching for Atit Kharel’s official profile, Snapchat says.

How to use these lenses

Snapchatters need to point their camera at an object to scan it, and Lenses will display simultaneously, along with a phonetic transcription of the word to help with pronunciation. In an effort to engage young people, Snapchat has already released localized lenses, filters, and stickers. IANS

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