It is not natural in Indian culture for father-in-law to rape his daughter-in-law, says Allahabad HC

The High Court in Allahabad has granted early bail to a man accused of raping his stepdaughter, along with another person saying it is “quite unnatural” in Indian culture that a stepdaughter father commits such a crime.

The court made the comments on May 18 during the hearing of a plea entered by a Babu Khan, who was sentenced under Articles 376 (rape), 511 (penalty for attempt to commit offenses punishable by life imprisonment or other term of imprisonment), 504 (intentional insult with intent to cause breach of peace) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Allahabad High Court

A woman accuses her stepfather of rape

According to the complaint filed by Khan’s daughter-in-law, on March 1, 2018, the defendant and another person went to the victim’s brother’s home when she was alone and asked where her brother was.

When the woman said her brother was not home, Khan began to sexually assault her. According to the FIR registered at Saharanpur Police Station, the woman tried to arrest him but she was raped by the two men.

Khan asked the court to seek early bail saying his co-defendant had already secured the same.

On May 18, the Bench of Judge Ajit Singh of Allahabad HC granted early bail to the accused.

Demonstration against rape

Not natural in Indian culture

“It is quite unnatural for a father-in-law to rape his daughter-in-law with another person in our Indian culture,” the Allahabad High Court observed when granting the advance bail.

“If the petitioner is arrested, he will be released on early bail if he meets certain conditions,” the court added.

Most reported rapes in India are committed by people known to the victim

The court’s observation that “it is not natural in Indian culture” contradicts data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

No less than 26,727 rape cases were reported in 2020 across the country. In which, only 1,185 were committed by persons unknown to the rape victims. In the other cases, the aggressors were close to the victims’ families or victims.


A total of 2,364 rapes were committed by family members and 10,189 were committed by friends/online friends or living partners under the guise of marriage or estranged husband. While 12,989 offenses were committed by family friends, neighbors, an employer or other known persons.

Although this is the number of reported cases, many such crimes go unreported due to the pressure put on the victim by the family.

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