Indian language journalism has played a key role in the struggle for freedom and development: PM


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Posted: Wednesday July 6th 2022, 07:49 PM [IST]

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New Delhi, July 6:
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday highlighted the remarkable contribution of Indian language journalism to Indian tradition, culture, freedom struggle and development.

Speaking at the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the Agradoot Newspaper Group, the Prime Minister said Assam had played a key role in the development of language journalism in India as the state was a very vibrant place in the journalism perspective. Journalism started 150 years ago in the Assamese language and has gone from strength to strength over time, he added.

Prime Minister Modi inaugurated Agradoot Newspaper Group’s Golden Jubilee celebrations via video conference. The Chief Minister of Assam, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, who is the chief patron of the Agradoot Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee, was also present on the occasion.

The Prime Minister congratulated the “strong voice of the North East in the Assamese language” Dainik Agradoot for the occasion and commended them for keeping the values ​​of unity and harmony alive through journalism.

The Prime Minister pointed out that under the leadership of Kanak Sen Deka, Agradoot has always kept the national interest paramount. “Even during the emergency, when the greatest attack on democracy took place, even then, Agradoot daily and Deka ji did not compromise on journalistic values. It created a new generation of journalism based on values,” he said.

The Prime Minister pointed out that in recent days, Assam is also facing great challenges and difficulties in the form of floods. “Normal life has been greatly affected in many districts of Assam. The Chief Minister and his team are working very hard day and night for rescue and relief,” he said. The Prime Minister assured the people of Assam, readers of Agradoot, that the central and state governments are working together to alleviate their hardship.

Prime Minister Modi said people’s movements are protecting Assamese cultural heritage and pride in Assam. And now Assam is writing a new development story with the help of public participation.

He said that when there is dialogue, there is a solution. It is through dialogue that the possibilities expand. Therefore, along with the flow of knowledge in Indian democracy, the flow of information also flows continuously. Agradoot is part of that tradition, he said.

On the eve of 75 years of independence, the Prime Minister wondered about the limitation of the intellectual space between a few people knowing a particular language. He added that this question is not only one of emotion but also of scientific logic. This can be seen as a reason for the delay in research on the three industrial revolutions. The Prime Minister said that the expansion of Indian languages ​​was halted during the long period of slavery, and in modern epistemology research was limited to a few languages.

A large part of India did not have access to these languages, to this knowledge. He added that Intellect’s scope of expertise is steadily shrinking. As a result, the pool of invention and innovation has also become limited. In the 4th industrial revolution, India has a huge opportunity to lead the world. This opportunity is due to our power of data and our digital inclusion.

The Prime Minister stressed that “no Indian should be deprived of the best information, best knowledge, best skills and best opportunities just because of language, it is our endeavor. That is why we have encouraged Indian language studies in the National Policy on Education.

Article first published: Wednesday, July 6, 2022, 7:49 p.m. [IST]

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