Indian culture seen in world politics

Greater Noida: A glimpse of Indian culture was seen on top of the world from Expo Mart. Beginning with Vedic chants, welcoming foreign guests in Hindi and discussing the cow, the inauguration ceremony mingled with Indian culture.

Representatives from 50 countries also became witnesses to this historic moment, the impatience for this conference to be held in India after 48 years was visible in everyone who visited. The Global Summit kicked off Monday at India Expo Mart in Greno and will continue until Thursday.

The inaugural session of the conference saw Indian culture engulfed, the Acharya of Gurukul did not start the conference.

The atmosphere became devotional singingthus encouraging Indian culture.

After the arrival of the Prime Minister, as soon as the Gurukul masters started chanting, everyone was immersed in devotion, no one had any idea that the conference would start like this. Recently, those present listened to the mantras with reverence.

The Prime Minister couldn’t help but laugh

Before the Prime Minister’s speech, the president of the International Dairy Federation, P. Brazzale spoke about his beginnings, forcing everyone to salute him. He greeted the Prime Minister, Chief Minister and guests on stage in broken Hindi. The Prime Minister and the Prime Minister smiled after listening to Brazzale’s pronunciation, during which the whole room erupted in applause.

We were talking about income from cow dung milk, a tradition of Indian culture

At the conference, there was a lot of talk about the use of cow dung from cow dung milk and its income. Keeping the work going in front of everyone, the Chief Minister said that in more than 6,600 shelters in Uttar Pradesh, 9 Lakh cows are protected, 1.5 lakh animals are cared for and incentives are given to farmers as part of the partnership program. .

Health facilities were also mentioned. IMC doctors met Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday, during which they discussed the health facilities set up in the district. Rashmi Gupta met with the chief minister of industrial development, he asked the government to devote 5% of the total GDP budget to health according to WHO standard, strengthen public-private partnership private hospitals, subsidize operation of hospitals, at affordable rates for hospitals Application to make land-based medical education affordable.

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