How This Wealth Management Company Promotes Indian Culture and Supports Elderly Care

With the ebb of the third wave of the pandemic in India, the live music industry is showing signs of revival. This weekend, the three days Ekatvam Holi Music Festival will take place at Bangalore Gayana Samaja.

Combined with the color festival, the music festival will be spread over 12 concerts by emerging and recognized artists. Performances will be a mix of free and paid events.

the Trust Ekatvam is an initiative of the Family Office Entrust. It was started by Rajmohan Krishnan, founder of Entrust, and his wife Sreepriya. The platform for aspiring and established musicians also aims to impart values ​​and ethics to children and improve the quality of life for seniors.

“As a patron of the arts, Ekatvam has been deeply involved in encouraging musicians by offering them a Platform show their talent”, explains Rajmohan, during a conversation with Your story.

Rajmohan is himself an art enthusiast and a fan of Carnatic classical music. Sreepriya, banking professional, is also involved in various social action actions. The Nada Veda Mithram (NVM) Trust was established in 2015 and later renamed Ekatvam.

Rajmohan Krishnan

Musical showcase

“After a two-year hiatus, Ekatvam Holi Music is back in full force,” enthused Rajmohan. Previously Featured Artists include Siddharth Belmannu, Kalyanapuram S. Aravind, Smitha and Akshay Anand, and Mukhtiyar Ali.

This year’s lineup of artists covers Hindustani and Carnatic music across 12 concerts. He understands singers Bharath Narayan, Abhishek Raghuram, Srirangam V Venkatanagarajan, Girijashankar Sundaresan, Sanjeev Abhyankar and Balamuralikrishna. The other performers will be Anagha Bhat, Priya Purushothaman and Hiranmayee S.

There are instrumentalists as well as: Heramb and Hemanth (flute) and Sarfaraaz Khan (sarangi). There will be a Hindustani instrumental fusion formation with Bharavi Deraje, Ravikiran Manipal, Kiran Hegde and Shashikiran Manipal. carnatic the instrumental fusion will be performed by Shreya Devnath, Mylai M Karthikeyan, Praveen Sparsh and Adyar G Silambarasan.

For the 2019 edition, the starting strewn line-up included Jayanthi Kumaresh (veena) and R Kumaresh (violin), and the sister duo of Ranjani and Gayatri. Emerging artists who performed were Siddhartha Belmannu (vocals), Shadaj Godkhindi (flute) and Sumanth Manjunath (violin).

“Ekatvam has been conducting chamber concerts since 2015 and sponsoring concerts at Unnati. We also organize concerts at the Bangalore International Centre,” he adds.


The Ekatvam Holi music festival was launched in 2019 to provide a platform for musicians. “A lot of talented musicians languish on the sidelines because they don’t have the opportunity to perform on popular platforms,” ​​says Rajmohan.

the annual and quarterly performance helping musicians find a path to recognition and sustenance. Performers are selected by the Ekatvam committee.

“Proceeds from our upcoming Ekatvam events will also go towards elderly care,” adds Rajmohan. This includes training programs, counseling and community living initiatives. Work has started on setting up an aged care facility in Kerala, and the trust is also inviting donations from the public.

Based in Bengaluru, Entrust Family Office also has a presence in Chennai, Kochi, Mumbai, Delhi and Pune. Founded in 2013, it serves approximately 60 HNI and UHNI customers across the country and manages assets under management (AUM) of INR 12,000 crore.

Music platform

Ekatvam music platform was launched in 2016 by Rajmohan Krishnan and famous Carnatic singer Vidwan Sri Sandeep Narayanan.

Since its creation, more than 100 musicians have performed for Ekatvam, ranging from singers to percussionists. “About 50 artists will be performing for Holi Music Fest 2022. The three-day event will feature 12 concerts,” adds Rajmohan.

Ekatvam is also looking for new premises that can serve as platform of musicians throughout the year. “The quarterly concerts, which will be held in these premises, will be finalized once the Holi Fest is over,” he adds.

Pandemic impact

“This is the second edition of the Holi Music Festival. We were unable to hold the 2021 event due to the pandemic. Instead, a standalone concert was staged in November 2021 at the Bangalore International Centre,” Rajmohan describes.

“The pandemic has had a negative impact on musicians. Without live concerts, there was no opportunity to perform and make money,” he laments.

“Recordings, which are often the daily bread of musicians, have also practically stopped. Public gatherings now being slowly permitted, Ekatvam is one of the first to organize live concerts, giving our valued musicians a platform to perform in front of a live audience,” he adds proudly.

The weekend concert will take place in strict compliance with pandemic protocols. The organizers expressed their commitment to ensuring safe seating (with an empty seat between two participants), temperature checks and the provision of sanitizers and masks.

The road ahead

Future plans for the trust include adding dance and visual arts and celebrating a violin maestro’s birthday later this year. The trust, however, does not venture into teaching or mentoring aspiring musicians.

“We have all been under tremendous stress over the past few years. Now is the time to relax and listen to pure music and enrich your soul and spirit,” Rajmohan advises the audience.

He also offers tips for budding musicians. “The life of an artist is not always easy and it takes a lot of practice to master your art. So give your blood and sweat to your passion. Over time, you will reap the benefits,” concludes Rajmohan.

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