Google to roll out support for Indian language Search, Maps and more apps in India


Tech giant Google at its L10n event announced a few features focused on Indian users. The list of new features is based on Indian languages ​​and will also allow them to display search results between English and other Indian languages ​​- Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Marathi. It intends to expand this support for its application in the country, including Maps, Search and Lens.

India is a country of 22 official languages ​​with dialects changing every hundred kilometers, posing a formidable challenge for technology developers, who rely on commonly understood visual and spoken idioms to make technology products work. universally. The company has therefore announced a range of features to help deliver an even richer language experience to millions of people across India. These features will also improve the experience of Google products and services for Indian speaking users. And to do this, Google has partnered with innovative local startups that are developing solutions to meet the needs of Indians in local languages. The tech giant has also invested in ML and AI efforts at Google’s India research center to make advancements in machine learning and AI models accessible to everyone in the ecosystem.

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Now users in India can switch search results between English and four additional Indian languages: Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and Marathi. Some users try to search in English even though they really prefer to see results in a local language they understand, as it often takes three times as long as in English. In the coming months, the search will show relevant content in supported Indian languages, if available, even if the local language query is typed in English. This feature will be of use to bilingual people who are comfortable reading both English and an Indian language. According to Google, this feature will be available in five Indian languages: Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.

In addition to this, Google is now expanding the ability to select up to nine Indian languages ​​in Google Maps, where users can quickly and easily change their Maps experience to any of the nine Indian languages, by simply opening the app, clicking going to Settings, and tapping on “App language”. It will also allow users to search for places, get directions and navigation, and interact with the map in their preferred local language.

Apart from that, Google Lens can now help you solve math problems by simply pointing your camera directly from the search bar in the Google app. To do this, Lens first transforms the image from an assignment question into a query. Based on the query, it will display step-by-step guides and videos to help explain the problem.

In addition, Google has also developed multilingual representations for Indian languages ​​(or “MuRIL”) for India. The MuRIL will adapt to all languages ​​and provide support for transliterated text, such as when writing Hindi using Roman writing, which was lacking in previous models of the genre.

The multilingual model also helps determine the sentiment of the sentence. According to the company, when someone says “Achha Hua account bandh nahi hua” was previously interpreted as having a negative meaning, but MuRIL correctly identifies this as a positive statement. Or take the ability to classify a person in relation to a place: “Shirdi Ke sai baba” was previously interpreted as a place, which is wrong, but MuRIL correctly interprets it as a person.

MuRIL will initially support 16 Indian languages ​​as well as English. For this, the company has also created a MuRIL source and it is currently available for free download from the TensorFlow Hub.

Google said: “We hope that MuRIL will be the next big evolution for understanding the Indian language, forming a better base for researchers, students, startups and anyone else interested in creating Indian language technologies, and we can’t wait to see the many ways the ecosystem uses it.

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