First Nations welcome Pope Francis

Earlier this year, Santos Manuel received an honorary doctorate from California State University San Bernardino. Santos, who died, was the founding chief of the San Manuel Mission Indian Band.

Tribe Vice President Johnny Hernandez was honored to accept the degree from a man he has always admired.

Brent Cahwee of NDN Sports reports on Indigenous athletes. Janee Kassanavoid, Comanche, became the first Indigenous woman to medal at the World Championships in Athletics in the hammer throw.

More than 150,000 First Nations children were forced to attend state-funded Christian schools from the 19th century until the 1970s. The trauma of this forced removal resonates today. Pope Francis is due to visit Canada from Sunday. Miles Morrisseau of ICT will be present.

A Slice of Our Indigenous World

  • Water, sacred land and health care for urban Indigenous people…these were the topics of greatest concern to US senators on Wednesday. The Senate Indian Affairs Committee held a legislative hearing yesterday to consider three proposed bills.

  • The Tulalip Tribe offers weekly sessions for children from birth to 3 years old. The goal of the academy is to help children converse in Lushootseed starting in kindergarten. For more information on this story, visit and search for “After decades of forbidden cultivation, a revival of Tulalip”.

  • An Inuit pastor in Ottawa says opposition to an extended-stay building for Inuit visiting medical appointments is simply hurtful. After a key vote by Ottawa City Council, Manitok Thompson says she is shocked. APTN’s Fraser Needham has more.

  • Recently, a former Indigenous professional athlete visited Sesame Street. The children’s show has teamed up with HiHo Kids to bring in citizen Diné Ryneldi Becenti for a visit. Becenti is the first Native American to play in the Women’s National Basketball Association.

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