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The Indian community of Ballarat celebrated the 75th anniversary of their country’s independence with a flag-raising ceremony outside City Hall on Sunday. While the occasion was somewhat muted – larger events including a civic reception had to be canceled due to COVID – Xavier Mani of the Indian Association of Ballarat said he was happy the community can gather safely, with dozens of flags and traditional sweets for children. “Last year we couldn’t hold that, we had the flag flying for the weekend but nobody was there,” he said. “We can see a lot of people here, so we can pass it on to the next generation.” Ballarat City Mayor Daniel Moloney also spoke at the ceremony, praising the community’s charitable work and noting how difficult the pandemic has been for many people unable to see their families. READ MORE: Ballarat doctor tells story of horrific Indian COVID-19 scenes Association President Elongovan Shanmugan says the Indian diaspora in Ballarat continues to grow. “India’s struggle was not easy, it was a long and difficult struggle, 200 years of British rule is not easy to come out of,” he said. IN THE NEWS “We remember all the people who fought for this freedom, and now India is the world’s largest democracy, an emerging economy and a peace-loving country. “We can all come together here, we feel truly privileged to be holding this flag hoisting ceremony.” Have you subscribed to The Courier’s variety of informational emails? everything that happens in Ballarat.


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