Australian SBS Adds More Indian Language Newscasts

Australian public broadcaster SBS has expanded its international news offering by adding newscasts in major South Asian languages, Malayalam and Gujarati.

Indian public broadcaster Prasar Bharati’s newscasts air on its SBS WorldWatch channel.

SBS WorldWatch launched in May 2022 as a free-to-air channel, expanding the broadcaster’s international and multilingual news offering. The channel gives Australians access to newscasts from around the world in languages ​​other than English.

Both bulletins have been added to better serve the ever-changing Australian audience, with Gujarati speakers increasing by 54% since the 2016 Australian Census and Malayalam speakers increasing by 48%.

At the heart of the channel’s offering are SBS’s flagship half-hour nightly newscasts in Mandarin and Arabic, produced in-house, serving the two largest non-English speaking audiences in the country.

News and Information Director, mandi wickssaid: “With the launch of SBS WorldWatch, the SBS Network has undergone a wider reprogramming of our network-wide multilingual TV news, now offering 66 newscasts from 49 different broadcasters in 36 non-English languages ​​and 20 in English.”

SBS WorldWatch builds on SBS’s commitment to providing comprehensive news and information across its network – in English through SBS World News and in more than 60 languages ​​on SBS Radio services, podcasts and digital platforms.

(Photo: SBS)

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