Artist Creates Incredible Pokemon Variations and Evolutions Based on Indian Culture

An incredible piece of fan art shows what classic Pokemon evolutions could look like in a potential India-based region in a future title.


Pokemon is one of the biggest gaming franchises in the world. The classic Nintendo RPG series about catching pocket monsters has gone through several generational changes over the years, with many main titles and a number of spin-offs, which continue to top the charts with each release, with Pokemon Legends: Arceus already being a huge commercial success after its release in January 2022.

Each region of Pokemon deepens the mythology of the world, as fans gravitate to each new corner of the world that is added to the game’s universe. , Johto or Kanto. These regions themselves have also been noted for being based on real-world countries and locations such as Japan, Paris, and even the Galapagos Islands.


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While the games have seen a variety of locations around the world adapted into the universe of the series, a country that Pokemon has not yet explored is an India-based region. However, on Reddit’s r/Pokemon, user a526135 showed what this specific region would look like and how the different Pokémon in the region would be represented in the proposal. Pokémon Cloud and Ground.

According to their commissioned artwork, this hypothetical region would mostly feature Poison, Dark, and Fairy-type Pokémon, like Ekans, Poochyena, or Litleo for example. Many other types, such as Dragon and Fighting Pokemon, would also be featured, and a few specific Pokemon are shown with different respective evolutions, such as Eevee’s evolution to a steel-type Pokemon like Titaneon.

These artworks are another case of amazing fan-made works in the Pokemon community, which goes beyond emulating the art style and characteristics of the various monsters that appear in the game. Fans of the series have always been passionate about their fan-made projects, whether extended or fan art portraits that intersect with other series like monster hunterand to see this continue in such full and detailed fashion is truly fascinating.

Overall, while other pieces of fan art, like a previously featured 3D render of Professor Oak’s lab, show the love fans have for the Pokemon world and characters, these particular pieces show that there are always more Pokemon to discover in the world, and that Game Freak should continue to find ways to expand the world and its growing roster of creatures.

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