Amit Shah to inaugurate national conference on “Human Rights in Indian Culture and Philosophy”

Union Home Minister Amit Shah is expected to inaugurate a two-day national conference in Delhi this week in which eminent scholars, legal experts, jurists and others will gather to explore and discuss various topics. , on the theme of “Human Rights in Indian Culture and Philosophy”. ‘, officials said on Monday.

The event, which will run from June 30 to July 1, is organized by the National Human Rights Commission in collaboration with the Indira Gandhi National Arts Center (IGNCA), the NHRC said in a statement.

One of the imperatives of this conference on “Human Rights in Indian Culture and Philosophy” is to “fill major gaps in the study of human rights”, he said. Union Home Minister Amit Shah will inaugurate the conference as the chief guest at Vigyan Bhawan. It will also present the NHRC Human Rights Short Film Competition – 2021 awards, officials said.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar is expected to be the chief guest at the farewell session of the event to be held at the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry here, they said.

“The conference is expected to be very significant in understanding human rights, which have formed an integral and defining essence of Indian socio-cultural milieu since time immemorial,” the statement said.

Prominent academics, scholars, jurists, jurists, practitioners and researchers were invited to explore and discuss various topics, ”like the evolution of human rights in the Indian philosophical-historical tradition, its social contexts, its manifestation in art and literature, the framework of governing and finally living according to the Indian Constitution,” he said.

“The cultural traits and philosophical thoughts of the Indian subcontinent have always welcomed a wide range of views and ideas on human rights through writings and practice. For centuries, Indian culture has emphasized the innate nature of human well-being rooted in dignified spiritual, political and social, cultural and mental freedom,” the NHRC said.

As the temperament of society has always remained knowledge-centered or spiritually oriented, human rights and cultural values ​​have been conceptualized or imagined within a holistic framework of abstract, concrete yet universal multidimensional human existence, a he declared.

“Human rights” as such, as pronounced in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, became popular around 20 CE, but the journey of its inherent meaning is an age-old phenomenon, which can be traced in the rubric of the Indians. culture and philosophy. The word for “right” in Indian culture is adhikara. In exploring ancient Indian literature, we do not come across the word adhikara; but within the overall framework of kings and their Dharma-determined responsibilities reflect its modern connotations,” the statement added.

”India is a country in which ‘Dharma’ has always been an underlying force and it is interpreted in its original and wider connotation involving an ideal way of life based on universal principles, social perspectives and a humanistic concern. Dharma does mean obligations to society, but rights can be inferred from obligations,” he said.

NHRC Chairman, Justice (Retired) Arun Kumar Mishra, IGNCA Chairman Ram Bahadur Rai, NHRC Members, Justice MM Kumar, DM Mulay and Rajiv Jain, and General Secretary DK Singh, senior officers, among others, would also attend the event.

Filmmaker and director of the movie ‘Samrat Prthiviraj’, Chandraprakash Dwivedi is also expected to attend one of the technical sessions as per the conference itinerary. Exhibits, including photos, related to the theme of the conference will also be displayed on occasion, according to the statement.

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