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The Indian Internet experiences daily traffic from millions of devices. Helped by the low rates of data charges and the increased use of cell phones, we have a few Indian languages ​​like Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi and of course Hindi, which have found their way. in the digital realm with style. .

The powerful potential behind these Indian Internet figures remains to be tapped. This is ideally a regular digital marketer’s dream.

Online user groups with a preference for the Indian language

There are two middle income groups in India which mainly incorporate users who have a natural preference for the Indian language online. These are Digital mainstream and Digital Enthusiast, although the latter does apply some English notes.

This is a huge opportunity for users to capitalize on these preferences of language service providers, given that the number of users in the aforementioned groups will only continue to increase over the next 5 years.

It is estimated that more than 300 million users will register an online presence which will fall under the Digital Mainstream group; these are users speaking only one language.

English, however, will always retain its status as a model language in India. Being used more in social and professional circles, there remains the potential of the Indian language to take the main stage in a relatively short time. Companies and organizations willingly roam the Indian market with the intention of entering and strengthening their positions. With the increase in spending on online platforms, these companies can duly take advantage of the country’s user groups and their language preferences.

Gaming platforms supporting the growth of Indian languages ​​online

India is one of the fastest growing markets for online software, especially casino games. The country can indeed boast of a few games under its belt, thanks to its innovative game developers.

There are casino sites that specialize in a plethora of games, including Indian favorites like Teen Patti, Rummy, Andar Bahar, and Mang Patta. These Indian themed games put India on the global map and casino sites are gradually recognizing the country as a significant market.

Many global casino platforms now offer versions of their sites in Hindi and other languages. Moreover, they also design the interface of the games in Hindi language. Thus, allow gamers to play games like teen patti cash in local Indian languages.

Ease of online learning with Indian languages ​​among Indians

Based on the availability of Indian languages ​​on websites, internet usage and digitization has increased more and more rapidly. This gave rise to the ease with which Indians can now interact on the Internet. The Indian language voice, vernacular and video support in turn facilitated the online learning of the courses.

As Indians watch 5 hours of video online every day, the availability of clips in the local language has propelled India to new heights of digital growth. Tutorials, training, courses, seminars can now be efficiently carried out.

With the help of apps like YouTube, the best video streaming app in India, they have been able to create and stream content in the local language which has increased the consumption of that content.

The most preferred channel is now digital, and for more precise internet connection and accessibility, it’s easy to see why Indian internet users prioritize the local language when performing tasks online. When most schools and institutions were not functional, the average local turned to these digital platforms for further education and training to help their ambitions and this has especially been rampant in recent years.

In conclusion, statistics on Google show that around 90% of Indian internet users search and query for to-do items online. In the past year alone, 42% of Indians are heavy Internet users, more than 50% of which have used Google’s “translate” function, while 50% have used Google Discover to access content on the Internet. local languages.

Press release from: Indian Clicks, LLC

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